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Kren Varom
Biographical information
Physical description
Eye colorYellow
Affiliation and military information
AffiliationCovenant Separatists, The Survivors
RankZealot (Ship Master)
In the real world
Voice ActorMatt B

Before the Great Schism

Early Life

Kren Varom grew up in the Varom Keep, and joined the military at a young age. Not much else is known about his childhood.

Service to the Covenant

While aboard the Covenant Carrier the Last Breath, he grew skilled with an energy sword. So much skill, that his superior, Xras Nadotee, became cautious and declared Kren be imprisoned. After a brief stay in the ship's brig, he was released when Xras disappeared. Once returned to his post, he rose through the ranks and ended up becoming the Ship Master of the Last Breath.

Installation 04

Despite being a Ship Master, Kren was not without a sense of duty. He fought the Master Chief on one of the bridges in a snow-covered canyon. During that battle with the Chief, he was knocked unconscious and believed to be dead by the humans. He was later air-lifted out and treated for his wounds. While he survived his wounds, Kren was in a coma until September 2552.

The Great Schism

Although he had survived a fight with the Master Chief, it was not without cost: Kren lost vision in his left eye, and obtained a scar on his head where the Chief shot him. After the Brutes attacked the Sangheilli, he and some soldiers were dropped in from the Last Breath via drop pods. Kren's squad aided the Arbiter in getting to Tartarus, and killed many Brutes along the way.

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