Covenant AI Relentless Legion: The AI of Outpost 5A, also known as High Ground, and the core logic of Outposts 6A-14B, which are run by other AIs which are all based off of Relentless. It is made from fragments of the Forerunner AI Repenitant Bias, but was recoded by the Covenant in favor of Covenant techonology and information. It replaced a UNSC AI because it was far more stable, as the UNSC AI was showing severe signs of Rampancy. Although it is not directly know, it is partially corrupted by the viral, super-AI (that will remain unnamed for now) before its transmission to Outpost 17B, but has enough of its own, core logic to fight off AI and relay information to the UNSC before the viral AI can take full control. The current status of the AI is unknown as the final transmission that came from Outpost 5A was encrypted and transferred by Relentless Legion. Relentless' physical appearance is never revealed, like all Covenant AIs.

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